You Shine Too.

So I had this blog idea all lined up for my “premiere” post about the power in taking small steps (yes indeed, it’s powerful) but no, that’s scrapped because as I was writing it I happened upon VH1’s Behind the Music about Nicole Scherzinger. Nicole Scherzinger, apparently, struggled with body image issues and bulimia for several years. Body image issues? Builimia? This beautiful woman didn’t like her body?



It just goes to show you that no matter how shiny and gorgeous you are on the outside, you are not exempt from having shit to deal with. Everyone has their shit! I’ve struggled with body image issues, self confidence issues, issues with my parents, issues upon issues upon issues. But I, Nicole, and YOU, are here to show the world that even though you have your shit, you shine too.

Additionally, having shit to deal with is not an excuse to NOT shine. We all have our shit, but that absolutely DOES NOT have to stop you from living as brightly as possible. Even when you don’t like YOU, you are great and that greatness is meant to be shared.

I’m so thankful that Nicole had the courage to share this part of her story with us. It’s interesting to me, because apparently she suffered with bulimia just as her star rose. She shone in her career while battling a major disorder and as far as this Behind the Music shows, it was her rock-bottom moment with bulimia that pushed her to new heights  – didn’t have anywhere else where to go but up. And now, this woman who suffered with body image issues is now the global brand ambassador for Herbal Essences, one of the biggest image-focused companies IN THE WORLD. If you can catch the repeat of this Behind the Music, I would recommend watching it (it’s an interesting story for other reasons too). It’s a confirmation of something I thought about myself yesterday: I’ve had shit to deal with, but I probably wouldn’t know how soar without it.

Your level of darkness makes your light shine that much brighter.

So my intention for this blog and my lifestyle coaching is to help you recognize, harness and rise your shine . Please stay tuned.

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