An Instant Love Boost

My instant pick-me-up: Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense #36

My instant love boost: Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense #36

Beauty and grooming can provide an instant mood boost. If you doubt this, the next time you’re in a bad mood immerse yourself in a little beauty and/or grooming and see how you feel after. The picture above was taken on a bright sunny day, but my mood failed to match. I pulled out this vibrant shade of lipstick and voila! Instant mood boost. And I could say it’s about the lipstick (it’s so bright and fun!) but I’ve also witnessed my fiance’ experience the same mood boost when he gets his beard shaped by his barber. The smile on my face isn’t happiness with the lipstick, it’s just happy!

Beauty and grooming provide this mood boost because when you’re in the process of beautifying, you’re in the act of raising the vibration on an aspect of your life. It tends to be a rather convenient way to pick up one’s energy, which can make it a crutch for some. I would recommend NOT relying on beauty to feel good about yourself! Rather, treat beauty and grooming as a means to show love to your physical self. Think thoughts of love when you apply your favorite shade of lipstick or treat yourself to a haircut – you’ll be raising your vibrations much higher than you would if you were using the lipstick as a cover for whatever’s bothering you.

So in those times when you need to feel a little loved, show yourself some love by beautifying, and watch your shine rise!

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