Rise Your Shine.



Rise to challenges as they come. Rise above them. Rise above what you conceive to be your level – go higher than you think you can go. When you rise, you awaken whatever magnificence lies dormant in you. Rise to the greatness you are, and go higher than that.

Your gifts are needed in the world. If you haven’t been sharing them, it’s time you do. Your talents are not just meant for you. You share your gifts and you glow. Why hide your light? Why shrink away from what calls you? Why play life small? Whose life is helped by keeping your magic in?

Shine! Let your being emanate with the radiance of your glory. You are the descendant of stars – your being is formed of stardust. There’s no need to “reach” for that which you are. Intensify the massive source of light that is you. In a Universe of darkness, in a world full of those who don’t know their own light, your radiance is needed.

Consider me your lightworker.

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