Do it anyway!


Ever felt like you were called to do something, but held off on acting on that call because you didn’t have [insert thing here]? Ever had this happen, and the more you ignored that call, the more you felt like you needed to do what you were called? I have. This blog, my lifestyle coaching business…I was called to start this a long time ago. I held off on this for years because I didn’t feel like I didn’t have [insert many many things here]! I started my education and training at IIN because I wanted to fill in some of those blanks, and that it did. But there was a point where I learned everything I needed and I still felt like I needed to have a bit more and to get perfect with what I had before I launched. And at that time, everywhere I went I got this message:

Do it anyway.

And here I am, doing it. The message that really sent me over the edge was this story by Ali Brown that I think you should read. I read it and thought if SHE could do it, then I had no excuse to launch Shine! I mentioned this story to a friend yesterday, and I realized that stuff like this story deserved to be shared. So please read:

Why You Should Not Wait for a Clear Vision before You Move Forward, by Ali Brown.

The most poignant part for me (apart from the ATM story!)

Back then, my only “vision” was to be self-sufficient. To pay my rent on time and in full every month. To not have to ever go back to a 9-to-5 job ever again. And, to not have to answer to anyone else. I didn’t know anything beyond that. So, every day, I’d wake up and take the ONE clear step that made sense for me that day. And day-by-day, step-by-step, I found my way.

I used to be mad that I was not shown a big vision. But then I realized, my only job at the time was to make decisions in my highest good each day.

I read her story and I’m inspired to make decisions for my highest good each day. I hope you’re inspired to do the same, and to act despite not having that thing you think you need.

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