#SelfLoveOfTheDay Cooking When I Don’t Want To!


I came home from work and I was TIRED. I woke up too early, and I’m still sore from yesterday’s Insanity workout (Plyometic Cardio Circuit don’t play!) Also, I stayed at work an hour longer than my body would have liked. And then there’s the humidity in NYC today….ugh! The LAST thing I felt like doing when I walked in the house was cooking. THE LAST. Standing over a stove? Even assembling a salad? Just not into it. I could have gotten my boo to run out and buy some chicken or something nearby. But instead, I put my feelings to the side and went in:

My meal in progress.


The end result. A warm salad with arugula, ground beef sauteed with onion, garlic, Saba (a yummy grape-vinegar like sauce) and mixed with zucchini slices, topped with tomato.

I cooked and assembled my salad and now that I’m post meal, I’m so glad I did! I made something that not only nourished my body nutrient-wise but also nourished my taste buds! While making it, I reminded myself that crafting a nourishing meal IS an act of love even when I don’t feel like crafting. Putting my momentary (but real) feelings of fatigue aside lead to a great meal experience AND an energy boost, telling me that I probably needed to eat some hydrating foods to feel better (arugula, zucchini and tomatoes made most of the meal and they’re all pretty high in water content).

Tonight’s dinner reminded me why #selflove is so important, all day, every day, even when it’s not the most comfortable choice.

P.S. If you haven’t tried Saba yet, you really should! So yummy and versatile! I’ve tried it on meat but it could work on a salad and maybe on dessert.

P.P.S. Check out my Instagram account for more delicious pics of my meal ideas! 

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