Act accordingly.

Preferences versus priorities. Of these, which should take precedence?

Preference: the power or opportunity of choosing
Priority: something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives

Should you plan and act according to that which you value as a choice…or should you plan and act according to what you value as an absolute MUST?

The answer might be different for you than it is for me. I’m not going to make any assumptions about what is best for you. But I ask because many people name a goal as super important ¬†to their lives(weight loss, for example), but when it’s time to plan and act, they choose the couch over the workout.

What I know is that the things I value as musts > the things I value as my options. And I plan, act, pursue, and accomplish accordingly.

If it’s between my favorite Reality TV and getting my workout on, I’m getting my workout on. Fitness over foolishness on TV!

If it’s between helping my clients and painting my nails, I’m helping my clients! Furthering my business, building my career, helping others live their best lives way over pretty fingertips (and I do enjoy pretty fingertips)!

Regardless of my values, once I make a choice to act, the act ultimately determines my priority and eliminates the competing alternatives.

Life works better and feels better when your actions match your values.

The state of your life reflects the way you’ve been prioritizing.

Consider it.



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