Reality isn’t “real.”

Reality ain’t nothing but whatever you say it is.

I call this post “filters” because I feel like writing about how we all sense the world (see/hear/taste/smell/touch/other) through a “filter” shaped by our prior experiences, labels we give to ourselves and others, our beliefs, morals and values.

Another way I could say it – we all have a unique perspective on the world. But it’s not unique to have your own perspective. We all have it. From the baby just born a minute ago to the 120 year old – we all experience the world through our own perspective.

This notion has been on my mind TOUGH for like a week or two. It’s come to mind before – I remember having thoughts about having other people’s “views” being different from mine as early as three years old (in the playground! Was always gifted and prolific in thought). But lately it’s been strong in my mind. Started a lil over a week ago at my friend’s birthday dinner, who thanked us all for celebrating her/taking her out for a few reasons, one of them being “money is scarce.” I don’t knock her for viewing the world through this filter and I’m familiar with how she developed this filter. But when she said it, my inner wisdom/guidance (who I have named Grace) spoke up in me and was just like “NO!” LOL. I don’t knock my girl for the “money is scarce” perspective, but it’s just not mine.

Money is abundant, plentiful, and flowing my way and sticking to me. Money is everywhere and I get more all the time. That’s my money filter. I can sort of “hear” Grace affirming this as I write.

And I was just listening to a video clip by Shanel Cooper-Sykes that addresses what seems to be a commonly held filter – an unfortunate one for many women. It’s the “there are no good men” filter. Whenever I get with a group of women for some girl talk it comes up. “There are no good men!” Grace says, “NO!” There are no good men for those who believe there are no good men. But for those who believe there are plenty of good men…guess what? Good men are everywhere and as long as they believe they can pull a good man, that’s what they’re going to get.

I believe there are plenty of great men out there. I’m with a great man. I also believe that if he were to go, I would get other great men.

Check your filters boo. Your perspective of the world is your own and you have the right to believe whatever it is you want – but it is possible (likely) that your filters are not completely serving and supporting you. We all could use a refresh and I’m continually checking for my “filters” that aren’t serving me. You might be limiting yourself from living an amazing life because you’re living your life with some mucky dirty fuzzy filters.

If you need help with your “filter cleaning” let me know!

Your life experiences will muck up your filter, like your clothing in the lint filter of your dryer. All filters eventually need a cleaning!

Your life experiences will muck up your filter, like your clothing in the lint filter of your dryer. All filters eventually need a cleaning!

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