#GetCreative: Put pen to paper. #writing


This one’s for you if you:

  1. Have something to say
  2. Are fairly literate
  3. Have writing instruments (pens and paper are fine)
  4. Have an imagination

One of the quickest ways to get in touch with your creative force is to write. Good grammar and a deft use of language are great but not necessary. This exercise is not as concerned about your reader as it is about using and strengthening your creative force.

How to do it:

Pick the best time of day for you to spend 20 minutes writing. Mornings are preferable for this exercise, particularly right after you wake up, as the creative juices are the most “loose” when you’ve come out of your dream state.  If mornings can’t work, however, then right before bed is the next preferable time.

Get your writing instruments together, and then at the allotted time – get cracking! 20 minutes is recommended.

Do this on a regular basis – once a day is best.

The more you use your creative force, the stronger it’ll be. After some practice you’ll find that you will make connections with different ideas and aspects of your life readily. The act of writing, for the sake of writing, makes it easier to create in a variety of ways. Keep in mind Steve Jobs’ quote about creativity.

Also, you might find that you like what you write, and you want to share it! Or you’ll find that you like the act of writing and want to get better at it.  Both these results lend itself very well to sharing and honing your craft. There’s tons of ways to go about doing so: writing workshops and classes, books on writing, blogs dedicated to your work, etc.

It may be, however, that you don’t find any interest in sharing your writing. That’s fine too, just as long as you keep writing.

Give this a shot. Put pen to paper to get in touch with, and strengthen, your creative force.


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