When things are askew or awry (some advice).




When things in life go awry, it’s common to look outward

Out at the problems and for the solutions.

Nothing wrong with that, but I’m here to suggest something different.

Dive inward.

Take a look at yourself, before you look at anything or anyone else

When things feel askew, start with you

Look at yourself in the mirror and inquire

What did I do? How did I get myself here?

Don’t expect answers right away. Don’t expect a conversation with yourself.

But ask the questions of yourself that you’d ask anyone else.

Why did I do this? How did I get here?

And then sleep on it.

Or give yourself some quiet time, some calm, some meditative time

But you can sleep on it.

And see what comes up.

As you are likely to contain the problem

(As we tend to)

You are likely to contain the solution.

So dive inward.

Then talk about what comes up for you

With someone else who listens with their soul.

A life coach tends to be a great person for this,

But the listener could be your parent, it could be your partner,

It could be your sibling, or a complete stranger.

Talking out what comes up from inside

with someone in touch with their inside

Will help you get deeper inward.

Do not be afraid to take responsibility for your contributions

Even when that contribution lead to your discomfort

It’s likely that, if you’re there, you were not a victim

(Exceptions to this, of course)

But if there’s shit of yours to be owned, then own it

If there’s blame to be passed around, take some of it

Explore your inner mind and your limiting beliefs

Tell your story differently – tell it

In a way that empowers you.

Talk it out, but don’t miss the part

Where the story you tell is about you

(Even when you think it’s about someone else).

Dive inward.

And find the place of power inside

That place you were born with – that thing called inner strength

Your true foundation

And let that be the source of energy for how you overcome your situation

You will not find that place if you seek to merely stifle the pain

You will not find that place if you blame everyone else

You will only find it if you close your eyes,

Quiet your mind

Breathe deeply

And dive inward.



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