Join the Summer Shine! #Meditation Challenge


There will be music and mantras. Bob Marley, and OMs.

There will be sounds of nature. Raindrops and rainforests.

There will be centeredness. There will be inner stillness. There will be peace.


Starting on Sunday, July 6, I’ll be sharing my favorite meditation audios and videos everyday, for 30 days. The challenge is to use that audio or video and meditate everyday.

The meditation audios/videos range in time, from a minute to about a half-hour. You’ll get a heads up in advance about the expected length of the week’s meditations. You are encouraged to use the shorter meditations if time doesn’t permit for the longer ones. You are encouraged to give the longer meditations a go!

If you take the challenge, you’re very likely to gain a habit of finding stillness and centeredness. You will gain the ability to rein in your experiences with stress and anxiety.

Commit to this challenge, and it’s quite possible that you will begin to experience a slice of serenity in your otherwise busy day.

Commit, and get a taste of what meditation has to offer. Provide your email below, and/or like me on Facebook
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Summer Shine! Meditation Challenge

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