Over on Instagram, I’ve been participating in Gala Darling‘s #lovetober photo challenge. The prompt for today was, “Jump!” I could have (and probably should have) taken a photo of me jumping, posted and kept it moving. But I’m under the weather, in no mood to physically jump and pose for a photo. So instead I’m using this as a blog prompt, because “jumping” is so relevant to my life right now.


So there have been various  times in my life when the decision to jump was before me, and I took it.

For example, when I decided to go from artsy English major to artsy law student, the decision was a jump. When I bought my first LSAT prep book, I jumped off the cliff, and found wings that brought me to my life as an attorney.

When I was at a cliff again, staring down at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a career in coaching on the other side. I jumped, eventually. I stood at the cliff for about two years before I signed up for their health coaching program.

This website and my business as it now exists started with a jump towards my dreams.

The “jump” prompt is poignant because I’m at a big cliff right now. On the other side of the cliff is practicing in areas of law that are extremely different than what I’m used to. On the other side of this cliff is a rebranding of this coaching business I’ve started, and program ideas that I want to launch, and more speaking opportunities.

I’ve spent the day recuperating from illness and contemplating what it means to care for myself.  In my view, if I’m caring for my well-being, I have to jump, because the life on the other side of the cliff is calling, and there is no bridge to the other side.


I feel the Universe saying to me (and to you too, probably):

You’ve been called for a reason.

You have a dream of your life as a success, for a reason.

If you are interested in your self-care, you will tend to your success.

And your success begins with a decision to be that success.

Your success begins with a jump.


Check out what Steve Harvey has to say (great video!)

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  1. I love what you wrote! You did so wonderful and YOU WILL DO great things. Girl you’re amazing.


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