Better than an ice cream sandwich. #NewNovember

Yesterday I had an intense sugar craving. I ate pretty well but my body kept calling for sugar, and I answered with one of these ice cream sandwiches.

So tasty! But not protecting me from anything. Pic from

They’re tasty, but they aren’t securing anything here. Pic from

While eating the sandwich I questioned the purpose of the craving. Although what we crave might not be “necessary,” a craving signals that you’re in need of something. Maybe it’s a nutrient: for example, if you’re a lady, PMSing, and craving chocolate, you might be in need of magnesium (if this happens, try a small serving of  raw cashews and see how it does the trick!). But maybe it’s an emotional need.

After questioning and eating my ice cream sandwich, I meditated. (Meditation’s a great way to get answers to questions that only lie within. And the answer I got was…

I’ve been feeling insecure, and using sugar as a security blanket.


Ugh. I remembered the times in my childhood when I experienced actual danger, such as when I got hit by a car at 8 years old. I remember wanting to eat all things sweet after I got home from the hospital (mildly injured  but shaken up, by the way).  I am sure that the association between sugar and security started way before that, but it was the first time I’m aware of that the sugar craving was INTENSE! Next week will make 24 years since that happened, and to celebrate I think this security blanket should go.

Ice cream sandwiches are great, but they do not protect me from experiencing pain or danger. So what’s better than an ice cream sandwich? Faith that the universe supports me. Knowledge that all is well. Belief that, even when things might suck in the moment, I’ll be fine. And even better than all of that is putting this faith, knowledge and belief – my inner security – in action when I’m feeling insecure.

I’ve dubbed this month #NewNovember…dedicating every day to doing something new and for my betterment, and to creating new beneficial habits. Today (and for the rest of my days) it’s all about throwing out the sugar security blanket and satisfying my cravings with my inner security.


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