Baby steps.



Seth Godin is the man when it comes to the success mindset. I read his blog all the time. In this interview with Marie Forleo he called his blog one of his top five business decisions. His goal is, and mine, is “to be trusted in a way that I can make the change I seek to have happen in the world.” And leaving a trail behind of thoughtful examination of my world will help. If anybody would know what would help bring about the change you seek, Seth Godin would.

Another goal I have is to become a better writer. And writers only become better writers through writing.

Yesterday I was on my new moon ish, as it was a new moon. A new moon is a great portal for new beginning FYI. And I thought, well, if I start writing every day, starting today, where will I be in a year from today?

I thought about this too with some of my more athletic goals. I think it would be dope if I could do a headstand. I also think it’d be hot if I could swing my body around a pole. These things take practice. But what if I started that practice today?

If you start taking baby steps towards something today, how far will you be a year from now? Don’t know. But you will be closer to it than you were the year before.

So let’s see where I’m at on November 30, 2017.

P.S. I woke up this morning, checked Seth’s blog and found this: Plasticity. On point, right? Because this post is about my (and your) ability to change.

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