I promise to be more artsy. More colorful and warm.

More color-filled and color-effusive.

To splatter my paint’s shades as far as possible.

I am edgy and prickly and forthright and

I promise I’ll stay that way.

Color isn’t meant to blunt my edges

But it’ll make the wounds I give you

bleed prettily, and will distract you from the

pain I impart.

I do not intend, really, to hurt you

or anyone else. I am just aware

that I can cause hurt, like you can too.

I promise to keep this in mind and

d0 what I can to not prick you or

cut you deeply. But it’s not avoidable,

The bruising that can come from interaction.

I can be a crusher, a bull in a china shop but

I’ll walk in the shop a bit more gingerly,

paint brush, pen and floral tape in hand

creating as I mend emoted wounds

finding healing in my personal rainbow.

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