Belly love.

It started out as the typical bathroom run. I peed, wiped, and started to pull up my panties. As I went down for my drawers, though, I was aware of the sensation of my hands along my belly, and it felt like my skin relished the touch. It occurred to me that I have not loved and loved-on my belly ever.

So I leaned over, grabbed up my super jiggly middle, and gave it a squeeze. While I squeezed my belly I spoke love, joy and peace to it. And then I fixed my clothes, flushed, washed my handsĀ and went on about my day.

I left that bathroom feeling a bit warmer in my heart, all because I gave my body some love, intentionally.

If I’m going to be body positive, I need to be positive about it all. And positive doesn’t mean “liking” it all, but embracing my entire body for what it is.

So now I’m into belly hugs: warm, cuddly and affectionate. Because it deserves as much love as every other celebrated part of my body. And I’m going to embrace it, literally, because it’s a part of the temple that houses my spirit.

Someone has to celebrate my body, I figure. And that someone can be me!

Me and my belly line on the runway for SmartGlamour Spring 2016 Collection – taken at about this time last year!!


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