Ease v. Easy

There’s a difference between being at ease in a situation and a situation being easy to deal with.

Recently I had a conversation with someone talking about “flow” and a situation not “flowing” because of some bumps taking place within situation. Thinking about that conversation just now, it hit me: people often confuse one’s ease in a situation with the situation being easy.

Life won’t always be easy. So it stands to reason that endeavors and situations you will be in will present a challenge. That is the way of life, the way of the Universe.

But things flowing? That is up to you. Things flowing, and you being at ease, is about how you deal with what comes your way.

And of course, when endeavors are not presenting challenges, it’s easy to be at ease. Some would say that the endeavor being easy is when you are in flow. But no, because if the endeavor is consistent with the way of the life, it’s going to present you with a challenge.

But you get to decide how you want to deal with the challenge. Do you want to resist the fact that you are being presented with a challenge? Do you try to ignore the challenge? If yes, then you will not be at ease.

But if the answers those questions are no, and instead you decide to go with the difficulty, and take it head on… that is ease. Going with the flow means taking on what comes, good and bad.

So which are you going for? Ease, or easy? Are you looking to take on things that come your way, or are you looking for things to simply not challenge you?

Your life will flow when you start to approach all things that come your way with the calm understanding that you can handle whatever comes your way, be it comforting or not. That’s ease.

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