Honest perspective.

Honesty is the best policy, but not the easiest.

It’s the best because we live in an honest Universe. The Universe is not a liar, and won’t support you in your lies. The Universe functions on truth.

When we lie to ourselves and others, the Universe will seek that lie’s correction. So either we let the correction happen through us (that is, we fess up, we confront, we shine a light in the shadows) or the Universe does it for us. The truth comes out, finds a way to be seen, ensures that it won’t be ignored. While being the truth agent isn’t easy, it is easier than having the truth forced upon you, or me, or others.

Let yourself be an agent of truth. An agent of the light and keeping things in the light. Not the same thing as telling everyone your business, by the way. No, we don’t really need to know all that you have going on, as “honesty” is not the same thing as “show and tell.” But in the living of your life, as long as you embrace all that is you and your life, you are living honestly. As long as you are living in full expression of your truth (verbal and nonverbal), not in hiding, you are living honestly.

And you’ll find when you take this approach that the Universe will respond quicker to your desires. The Universe will show you unprecedented favor, in the way all things show you great favor when you speak their language, when you vibe along their energetic wavelength, when you go in the direction they’re going in.

Honesty is living in the Universe’s way, speaking the Universe’s language, and moving in the Universe’s direction. Honesty is going with Universal flow.

Doesn’t mean that it will be easy; it won’t, as we have egos and are inclined to be protective. But try honesty as your policy, and watch your life expand.

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