First things first: this website is evolving from the home of my former life-coaching business to a showcase of sorts. Eventually, you’ll come to this site and see my writing, my outfits and pieces about the creative work I engage in.

And yes, I’m a creative, first and foremost. I have a ton of creative energy that first found its outlet in the written word, but later found itself enjoying color and shapes. So I get into styling (myself mostly – for now) and floral design the most.

Despite being a “creative first and foremost,” in the Summer of 2002 the highly developed technical and analytical side of my brain overtook over my soul and found its outlet in the law. That was while in college – like a couple of months after I declared a major – and there’s more to the story about how I got inspired to practice law. I might tell that story on this site one day.

So I graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 2008, and have been practicing law since 2011 (there’s a good reason for the gap – I might tell that story on this site one day). I’m not going to discuss my work here, but older-millennial-lady-with-a-career issues are bound to come up in my writing, because I live these issues day to day.

And speaking of older-millennial-lady-with-a-career issues: I was born in 1982. I remember Reaganomics vaguely, wondered as a tween why the hell a White Bronco was on my TV screen, questioned the meaning of sex (thanks President Clinton), and was 14 when I got my first AOL account. So I’m not a young girl but I’m not an old lady and I came of age with the information age. I’m savvy with most of this shit – save for Snapchat. Not up on that yet (but maybe I will be soon)!

I’m also young and learning with my plastic brain still changing, but old enough to have gone through some shit. Still learning, still growing.

And the site (and my coaching business) used to be called Shine! by Patricia Gene. I may change the URL to this site, but Patricia is my first name, and Gene’s my middle name, and they both have significance beyond primary and secondary labels, so I really might not change the URL.

The site’s now called Patricia Glows because that’s what I try to do and usually end up doing wherever I go. I glow with the light gifted to me from birth, lighting my way as I go through the darkness that comes in life and fostered by the glow-ups.

This website is dedicated to the go-throughs and the glow-ups. Thanks for visiting.

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