Readiness, Creativity & Joy

To get clear on what it is that you desire for your life, you often have to act and engage your desire to get the clarity you seek. Start before you’re ready, as it’s often put.

I got into the business of coaching to help others live their best lives. For quite some time I didn’t know EXACTLY what that meant, but I decided to start Shine! by Patricia Gene anyway, completely unclear as to how I’d benefit the lives of others through this business. I figured, hoped, and prayed that what I needed to do became clear as I went along, assuming that starting before I was ready was sound advice.

Starting before you’re ready is sound advice. It may sound counterintuitive, or illogical, but you have to know that if you wait until you feel “ready” to do anything, you will get very little done!

I got clarity about the work of Shine! during a conversation with a few attorneys I work with (in my 9-5 gig)  about what we’d do if we won the lottery. I responded that I’d still be an attorney (I love being an attorney!).  A colleague remarked, if she won the lottery she’d leave the law and do something creative. In response, I said:

But, you don’t have to wait to win the lottery to do something creative! 

She said, “Nope, I do! I need money to do something creative.”

I can’t speak to what my colleague really meant by doing something “creative.”  But in my response to her lottery musings, I found the inspiration for the More Creativity More Joy program. Engaging my creative energy in my everyday has lead to a significant increase of joy in my everyday. I know how transformative it can be to engage one’s creative energy on a regular basis. Engaging your creative self is a joy-inducing way to live your life and rise your shine!  

If you’re seeking a life of creativity, joy, freedom and love, click here for more information and schedule an appointment for an assessment!

If I didn’t start Shine! by Patricia Gene, I wouldn’t have been seeking a way for this business to uniquely contribute to the world. My colleague’s words would have just passed by me like anyone else’s musings about life. The act of creating this business, which required  a great deal of creative energy, helped prepare me to help you get More Creativity and More Joy in your day to day life.

The start is what gets you ready. Take a step towards your dreams, and your preparation begins!


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